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Hoe kinne jo it juste proses kieze om T-shirt te printsjen

Tiid: 2022-04-14

Different patterns give cultural tshirts different meanings and personalities. Cultural T-shirts are the inheritance of culture and the expression of personality. Different craftsmanship also makes different patterns have a more special expression, which brings more sensory and tactile differences, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate craftsmanship. However, many customizers often do not know how to choose a customized process, or do not know how to reasonably match or choose different printing processes according to the cost budget. The following will take Prowin's printing process as an example to reveal the process differences and price differences between different printings and the precautions when choosing different processes.

The common printing processes of cultural Tshirt customization can be roughly divided into: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, direct injection, embroidery and other processes. These types of processes are all in terms of production cost, display effect and process cycle. It is a craft that is more in accordance with group or individual customization.

Before talking about various processes, we need to explain the proofing fee. Many printing processes need to be proofed and then printed, so a printing fee needs to be charged first in the customization process. One color in the pattern needs to be opened for one version. If there are multiple colors in the pattern, multiple versions need to be opened, so the price of the printing fee needs to be determined according to the specific pattern. Therefore, the greater the number of customizations, the lower the average printing fee for each t-shirt

Screen printing

Screen printing has the most craftsmanship. There are as many as 13 kinds of custom screen printing crafts, and it is also the most commonly chosen craft. Because the cost of printing is averaged to each cultural shirt, the more the number of customizations, the more The cheaper the printing price.

Screen Printing Tshirt

Hot stamping, Hot silver

The effect of this printing process shows a gold-silver effect. It is the best with a black bottom shirt. It has the advantages of acid resistance and high temperature resistance, high sparkle and good stability. It is also favored by enterprises because of its non-oxidative and cool metal texture. It has superior printing performance, saves energy, and is most suitable for LOGO printing. It is very suitable for some financial industry companies or individual customizers who pursue individuality.

Hot stamping, Hot silver Tshirt

Puff Printing

This printing process has a three-dimensional effect, and this process is a good choice when a monochrome pattern is required to enhance the texture.

Puff Printing Tshirt

Fluorescent Process

The bright colors of the pattern also have the characteristics of comfort and softness. It can display very bright colors in ordinary environment, and can also reflect very bright fluorescence under special short-wave light source. For example, KTV and bars can choose this craft when they need to customize work clothes for employees. It is also the best choice for trendy fashion brands, street talents, fashionable personality groups or night runners and night riders.

Fluorescent T-shirt

Reflective Process

The reflective process can be divided into two types. The gray reflective effect is very strong, and the white reflective effect is weaker than the gray reflective effect. It is best used in patterns where you need to make the pattern stand out.

Reflective Tshirt

Termyske oerdracht

The thermal transfer process is divided into two types: heat transfer and flocking. The two processes also have their own differences. The same as silk screen printing, it also requires a printing fee.

heat transfer and flocking

Digital Direct Injection

This process is suitable for light-colored bottom shirts, but dark bottom shirts are less effective; it cannot be used as POLO shirts or thin sweaters. A minimum order process is to use this process, which can meet personal customization, and does not require a publishing fee, which is very cost-effective for personal customization.

Digital Printing Tshirt

Embroidery Process

The embroidery process is divided into embroidery and appliqué embroidery. This kind of process has a good effect on other styles of cultural shirts such as T-shirts and POLO shirts. It is very suitable for simple brand logos, texts or patterns, and there is no need for publishing fees.

embroidery TSHIRT