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Tendenze di a moda di l'omi di primavera 2022 - vede in ritratti

Tempu: 2022-01-05

Costumi leggeri, gilet di maglione, cappelli di bucket è gioielli grossi... Eccu i 10 tendenzi chjave chì venenu sta stagione.

1. Mules

The garden clog has had a high fashion makeover. Whether it’s Marni's furry style or Hunter's 

ice-blue rubber pair, slipping on a mule is the fastest way to stylish feet this season. 

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2. Bermuda shorts

Good news if you are not a short shorts fan: its beach reign is over and the Bermuda is back. Roomy 

tailored shorts were seen on the runway at Giorgio Armani, Casablanca and Fendi. Choose from vivid 

prints to classic white... and everything in between. Invest in a block colour to brighten your summer 



3. Sleeveless

Don’t pack away the sweater vest just yet, sleeveless tops will be everywhere once the sun comes out. 

Tuck into wide-leg trousers and you're good to go.


4. Chunky chains

Thick silver chains are a key accessory for spring; from necklaces to ID bracelets, the chunkier the better.

 Prada's bracelet version features a logo-engraved plaque that doubles as a clasp, while Missoma's chain

 necklace is a simple but effective way to finish your look.

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5. Cardigans Once the preserve of grandads and golfers, the cardigan saw its fashion stock rise in 2020 

when Harry Styles wore JW Anderson's patchwork creation and caused a TikTok sensation. It's remained 

high ever since. Embrace the new crop of pastel, Argyle and bold styles and make it a focal point of your



6. Utility totes

Versatile, practical and chic, the utility tote is a style stalwart. Whether you’re heading to the office, the

gym or away for the night, stash your kit in one of these stylish, multi-pocketed bags.


7. Bucket hats

This summer the never-ending fondness for 90s nostalgia brings us the bucket hat. Prada’s has a 

built-in coin pouch and handy slots for sunglasses.


8. Baseball jackets

Spotted at Moschino and Louis Vuitton in yellow, and high-shine red at Dolce Gabbana. Wear with jeans

 and trainers, or chinos and loafers (or even shorts) for and easy preppy look. 


9. Wordle green

Fresh! Vivid! Crisp! Your favourite word puzzle is now a key wardrobe player, Wordle green, aka apple 

(or basil, but never emerald, obvs) is spring's hot shade. 


10. Summer suits

Weddings are back! Familiarise yourself with unstructured tailoring: looser, lighter and made from linen 

è seta.