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Cumu i brass sporti sò rimpiazzati i bras tradiziunali cù ferretti

Tempu: 2022-02-25

During the pandemic people dressed down and got more fitness aware, but the comfy bra was already taking over.The sports bra, once a neglected piece of gym kit, has officially become a wardrobe staple for women as comfortable bras chip away at the hegemony of the underwire in the working-from-home aera.

In the past 12 months, the number of sports bras sold in Europe and America has jumped by a third as women swap underwired-cup oppression for stretchy elastic heaven. In sales terms, spending on sports bras jumped by a quarter to account for nearly 10% of total bra sales.

This bra revolution has not gone unnoticed. This week statisticians revealed that sports and crop top-style bras had been added to the list of 700 products used to calculate the inflation rate. In its annual shake-up, the Statistics also revealed men were being freed of their shackles as the traditional suit – present in the basket since its inception in 1947 – was axed.

The pandemic had helped to increase awareness of fitness, with many people working out at home during lockdown periods. With this has come a rise in expenditure on sports clothing.

But analysts suggest women are buying sports bras with Netflix rather than Joe Wicks’ workouts in mind, as the lifestyle changes triggered by pandemic lockdowns turbocharged the catwalk-led “athleisure” trend for sportswear as fashion.

We saw a big uptick in people doing sport during lockdown, but the reason we are being given for buying sports bras is general daywear – so it’s more comfort-led. The long-term shift away from formal to casual dressing was having an impact on the styles of underwear its customers bought even before the pandemic, as athleisure became mainstream.