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1970's Orchard

Founder: AdaHuang (female born in 1977)

1970’s Orchard was inspired from a small town in central China called "Orchard". It is the hometown of founder Ada Huang. In Orchard Town, there is no dense fruit trees; there is no preconception traditionally favor boys over girls ; but there are family and neighbors living in harmony; there is also the hope of spring planting and the joy of autumn harvest. Year in, year out, the people of the town hard-working farming . The ordinary and simple work inherit the diligence, optimism, benevolence and kindness of human beings.

In 1995, Ada start first working in garment trade at Hunan Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. With dedication and hard work, within a few years,she won clients trust and cooperations from various countries such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa.

In order to better develop the foreign trade business and improve efficiency from design development to production control, Ada started the entrepreneurial journey. In 2007, Ada set up a garment factory with her colleagues. In 2013, Ada established Hunan Prowin Import & Export Co., Ltd.  During the same time,  Ada created "1970's Orchard" full of growth imprint inspiration.

The brand is aimed at women around the age of 20-40, and focuses on the "Borderless Vintage Theme" series of women's clothing, which integrates the past, present and future. It is our philosophy that  "Travelling  through the past, focus on the present, look into the future". May every female friend   perceive ourselves deliberately and smiley , enjoy life confidently and optimistically.

1970’s Orchard, as a brand of Hunan Prowin,we sincerely invite right partners in Europe and the United States and other countries. looking forward to your attention.